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yes: got autograph / no: no autograph

caroline morris x3 (yes)
anne riddler (yes)
laura rees (yes)
maggie stables x2 (yes)
sophie aldred x2 (yes)
nicola bryant x2 (yes)
daphne ashbrook - usa (yes)
india fisher x3 (yes)
sharon duce (yes)
katy manning x3 (yes)
anneka wills x3 (yes)
tracey russell (yes)
claudia elmhirst (yes)
lisa bowerman x2 (yes)
fernanda marlowe (yes)
jacqueline rayner (yes)
jennie linden (yes)
catherine capeline (yes)
deborah watling (yes)
sarah sutton x2 (yes)
annette badland (yes)
eve myles (yes)
zoe thorne(yes)
maggie hickey (yes)
virginia wetherell (yes)
beccy armory (yes)
clare cathcart (yes)
tara ward (yes)
caroline john (yes)
bella emberg (yes)
judith paris (yes)
jackie lane (yes)
moya brady (yes)
barbara loft (yes)
yvonne antrobus (yes)
anna hope (yes)
janet fielding (yes)
katarina olsson (yes)
sara griffiths (yes)
sakuntala ramanee (yes)
elisabeth sladen (yes)
sarah mowat (yes)
yasmin bannerman (yes)
sylvia syms (yes)
jean marsh (yes)
sheridan smith (yes)
agnieszka slonska (yes)
lara phillipart (yes)
abisola agbaje (yes)
debbie chazen (yes)
wendy padbury (yes)
fenella woolgar (yes)
ashlie walker x3 (yes)
rebecca keatley (no)
lucinda rhodes flaherty x2 (yes)
gary lucy (yes)
peter guinness (yes)
doug bradley (yes)
jon culshaw (yes)
lee mcdonald (yes)
jeremy bulloch (yes)
roy north (yes)
peter laird (yes)
robert goodman (yes)
david a mcintee (yes)
jerome willis (yes)
stuart becan (yes)
nicholas briggs x6 (yes)
gary russell x7 (yes)
colin baker x2 (yes)
david warwick (yes)
john leeson (yes)
philip olivier x2 (yes
daniel hogarth (yes)
william franklyn (yes)
conrad westmaas x3 (yes)
stephen perring (yes)
frank windsor (yes)
jonathan bignell (yes)
andrew o`day (yes)
leslie phillips (yes)
don warrington (yes)
paul darrow x2 (yes)
daniel o`mahony (yes)
gregory de polnay (yes)
terry molloy (yes)
georffrey bayldon (yes)
william russell (yes)
bernard horsfal (yes)
terry wright (yes)
john atterbury (yes)
nicolas young (yes)
toby longworth (yes)
jonathan blum (yes)
andrew cartmel (yes)
sylvester mccoy x2 (yes)
mateo latosa (yes)
michael chance (yes)
keith drinkel (yes)
richard franklin (yes)
stephen cole (yes)
justin richards (yes)
jeremy young (yes)
bernard kay (yes)
alexei sayle (yes)
john levene x3 (yes)
shaun dingwell (yes)
andrew collins (yes)
david darlington x4 (yes)
matthew waterhouse x2 (yes)
arthur bostrom (yes)
saul murphy (yes)
corey johnson (yes)
james swallow (yes)
maurice roeves (yes)
gary hopkins (yes)
robert ross (yes)
peter miles (yes)
lawrence miles (yes)
straun rodger (yes)
bernard holley (yes)
tom smith (yes)
ray lonnon (yes)
nicholas courtney (yes)
gabriel woolf (yes)
ian hanmore (yes)
andrew hyden-smith (yes)
philip hinchcliffe (yes)
ian frost (yes)
terence bayler (yes)
peter davison (yes)
donald douglas (yes)
brain ellis (yes)
barrie ingham (yes)
richard shaw (yes)
derek chaffer (yes)
terence banville (yes)
richard beale (yes)
michael leader (yes)
trevor bannister (yes)
barry stanton (yes)
matt baker (yes)
william hope (yes)
prentis hancock x2 (yes)
ian mcneice (yes)
glen wilson (yes)
will barton (yes)
mike tucker (yes)
brian cant (yes)
timothy bateson (yes)
phil rose (yes)
david bickerstiff (yes)
tom chadbon (yes)
hugh walters (yes)
eric loren (yes)
martin gower (yes)
alan curtis (yes)
john cater (yes)
hugh hayes (yes)
paul jerricho x2 (yes)
peter cellier (yes)
paul marc davies (yes)
donald pelmear (yes)
adrian rigelsford (yes)
graeme harper (yes)
davyd harries (yes)
barry jackson (yes)
david gooderson (yes)
tony osoba (yes)
david hankinson (yes)
raymond cusick (yes)
david yip (yes)
james coombes (yes)
timothy combe (yes)
hugh futcher (yes)
rupert vansittart (yes)
norman hartley (yes)
nick brimble (yes)
paul mcgann (yes)
tom baker (no)
laurie goode (yes)
johnny dennis (yes)
richard bonehill (yes)
paul kasey (yes)
sean palmer (yes)
william hughes (yes)
peter howell (yes)
gareth milne (yes)
mark strickson (yes)
sean boru (no)
sean cernow (yes)
daniel kaluuya (no)
steven lawson x3 (yes)
christopher fosh x4 (yes)
nick onlsoe x2 (yes)
lee hipgrave (yes)
simon phillips x4 (no & yes)
daniel roberts (no)
danny dyer (yes)
frank harper (yes)
geoff bell (yes)
terry stone (yes)
jason maza (yes)
michael barber (yes)

craig phillips  - bb1 (yes)
sandy cumming - bb3 (no)
craig coates - bb6 x2 (yes)
anthony hutton- bb6 (yes)
derek laud - bb6 (yes)
eugene sully- bb6 (yes)
science "kieran harvey" - bb6 (yes)
maxwell ward - bb6 (yes)
kemal shahin - bb6 (yes)
sam heuston - bb6 (yes)
mary o`leary - bb6 (yes)
saskia howard-clarke - bb6 (yes)
vanessa layton-mcintosh - bb6 (yes)
kinga karolckzak - bb6 (gotyes)
lesley sanderson - bb6 (yes)
makosi musambasi - bb6 (yes)
orlaith mcallister - bb6 (yes)
chantelle houston - celebrity big brother (yes)
pete bennett - bb7 (yes)
jonty stern & monkety tunkedy - bb8 (yes)
danny young x3 (no & yes)
ryan thomas (no)
dean ashton (no)
eric potts (yes)
bruno langley (yes)
dennis chinnery (yes)
sean gallagher (yes)
carly hillman x3 (yes)
louise jameson x3 (yes)
roberta taylor (yes)
danniella westbrook (yes)
anita dobson (yes)
billy murray (yes)
rory jennings x2 (yes)
charlie g hawkins (yes)
jamie borthwick (yes)
craig fairbrass (yes)
florence hoath (yes)
martha cope (yes)
dona croll (yes)
stephen yardley (yes)
cathy murphy (yes) 02-07-08 13-10-08 (no)
terry alderton (yes)
tristan gemmell (yes)
glen murphy x5 (yes)
jim alexander (no)
rachel ritfeld - model (yes)
georgina hampshire - beautician / model (yes)
mark heyes - stylist (yes)
john foster - stylist (yes)
philip groombridge - real fire fighter & model (yes)
cassey j morris (no)
paul barber (yes)
patrick murrayl (yes)
roy heather (yes)
philip pope (yes)
john challis (yes)
sue holderness (yes)
peter heppelthwaite (yes)
david ross (yes)
ivan kaye (yes)
jack doolan (yes)
alan david (yes)

martina cole x5 (yes)
sally worboyes (yes)
gilda o`neill x3 (yes)
nev fountain (yes)
brian evans (yes)
tina moore (yes)
tony hogg (yes)
paul parson (yes)
maureen o`brien x2 (yes)
jonathan morris x2 (yes)
ruth boswell (yes)
simon guerrier x2 (yes)
ben aaronovitch (yes)
jason haigh-ellery x2 (yes)
brain belton x2 (yes)
cass pennant x4 (yes)
mike maddox (yes)
paul cornell x2 (yes)
dan abnett (yes)
andy lane (yes)
peter anghelides (yes)
terrance dicks x2 (yes)
eddie robson (yes)
al wilde (yes)
robert shearman (yes)
alf townsend (yes)
mark morris (yes)
mark michaelowaki (yes)
paul magrs (yes)
paul tanter (no)
jason cook (yes)

sir henry cooper (yes)
frank maloney x2 (yes)
kevin mitchell (yes)
colin mcmillian x2 (yes)
tony cesay x2 (yes)
martin bell (yes)
freacis ampofo x2 (yes)
frank bruno x2 (yes)
terence murphy (yes)
lew yates (yes)
charlie magri (yes)
big joe egan (yes)
phil gill (yes)

essex cricket players 2004
essex cricket players 2005
essex cricket players 2006
will jefferson x2 (yes)
ashley cowan x3 (yes)
james foster x4 (yes)
aftab habib (yes)
graham gough (yes)
andy flower (yes)
grant flower x2 (yes)
danish kanerira x2 (yes)
paul grayson x2 (yes)
andrew adams (yes)
nasser hussain (yes)
ryan ten doeschte x2 (yes)
graham napier x2 (yes)
alastair cook x2 (yes)
tim phillips x2 (yes)
monty panesar (yes)
alex tudor (yes)
mark pettin x2 (yes)
ravinder bopara (yes)
james middlebrook (yes)
tony palladino (yes)
andy bichel (yes)
upminister cricket players 2004
upminister cricket players 2005
upminister cricket players 2006
paul middlemiss (yes)
mark mayor (yes)
p brockman (yes)
mike roth (yes)
oliver peck (yes)
jason mcnally (yes)

philip palethorpe (yes)
mark robson (yes)
jimmy greaves x2 (yes)
trevor brooking (yes)
tony gale (yes)
garry jones (no)
geoff hurst x2 (yes)
martin peters (yes)
bob bolder (yes)
neil ruddock (yes)
clayton blackmore (yes)
alan kennedy (yes)
peter mcgillicot (yes)
billy bonds (yes)
frank mcavennie (yes)
martin chivers (yes)
paul miller (yes)
ossie ardiles (yes)


rugby cup & ball 2004 on 05-11-04
the queen - elizabeth II (no)
david colt - new york actor in theatre (yes)
richard cawley - ready steady cook (yes)
terry cole - stunt man (yes)
simon - terry cole helper (yes)
mark stannage - stunt man (yes)
aaron stannage - stunt man (yes)
hypo-disc - programme (yes)
john mccrick - commentator (yes)
barry dennis - commentator (yes)
john motson - commentator (yes)
chris clark - 1/8 radio control car world champ (yes)
peter manley - darts player (yes)
usa wheelie fire truck (yes)
over the top motorcycle stunt team (yes)
james fullinton "sandman" - wrestler (yes)
mick foley "socks" - wrestler (yes)
adrian smith - ex champion body builder x2 (yes)
chris hayes - motorbiker (yes)
vander bros (no)
john mcara - comedian (yes)
martin scarborough - magician (yes) & joanne
jimmy white - snooker player (yes)
flyin ryan - flyin ryan stuntman (yes)
jumpin james - jumpin james stuntman (yes)
james mc sweeney - kick boxing & cage figher
the jersey boys  - 01-11-08 (no)
grownups  - 07-11-08 (no) - 25-01-09 (no)
two pints of larger & packet of crisp  - 25-01-09 (no)
coming of age - 25-01-09 (no)
jack said - 02-04-09 / 12-04-09 / 26-05-09 (some)
just for the record - 31-05-09 (some)


scary spice - sabrina ebanks (yes)
lara croft - sienna taylor (yes)
angelina jolie - lissa statham (yes)
austin powers - brian allanson (yes)
shakia - brigette (yes)
caron keating (died)(yes)
linda baker (yes)
tommy walsh x2 (yes)
graham norton (yes)
rick waller (no)
paul martin (yes)
paul metcalfe (yes)
russell brand (yes)
rustie lee (yes)
kris johnson (yes)
michael harris (yes)
matt mccracken (yes)
richard grimes (yes)
allen lawson (yes)

gerry anderson (yes)
d-side (yes)
jennifer phillips (yes)
kylie in vogue (yes
atomic kittee (yes)
bless`d (yes)
the dualers xloads (yes)
bonnie langford (yes)
steve harris (yes)
go west (yes: peter cox & richard drummie)
nick barrett (yes)
the drifters (no)
rachel white (no)
jay sean (no)
east 17 (no)
4orce (no)
paul young (no)
hi-fedility (no)
shalamar (yes: 2 of the band)
becki seddiki (yes)
triple 8 (yes)
bogus brothers (yes)
freefaller (yes)
chas `n` dave (yes)
andy abraham (yes)
james mckenzie "kenzie" (yes)
the foundations (yes: clem curtis)
billiam (yes: jazz, stephen, billy)
tremeloes (yes: dave munded & rick west)
kenny thomas (yes)
shola ama (yes)
sherrisa stewart (no)
chris hide (yes)
francesca berlin (yes)
martin bell singer & songwriter (yes)
suzi quatro (yes)
mica paris (yes)
ollie sloan - singer & songwriter (yes)
vancant touch (yes: dave scott, pete togneri, tim wratislaw, lee sargeant)
jo o'meara (yes)
geri halliwell (yes)

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